What is a Chicago coworking community?

Stop me if this sounds familiar. You're in a coffee shop again this week. The grinding of the beans combined with the phone call of the girl next to you rambling on about how she just needs to eat a whole pizza tonight because she deserves to and the door closing and opening are about enough to get you to want to move to an island far, far away. 

Enter, a coworking space. These spaces allow you to get out of your pajama pants, have an excuse to shower, and work in an environment with other like-minded people that want to dive into their work tasks but also feel they are working in a collaborative environment. 

Coworking also allows you the benefits of having an official office address (and also great for SEO!), networking with others in a non-pressured environment, and attend events offered by the space to learn new things and meet others.

citygirl@work is a coworking space that allows those looking for these capabilities and more to come to an intimate work environment in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood and really become part of a community.

Check out our events calendar for upcoming events. Hope to see you soon!