Photo: Ashley Hamm Photography

Photo: Ashley Hamm Photography


The idea for citygirlatwork started when I looked around at my events office one day and realized it had a bigger purpose. I had always shared our space for workshops and events but never really thought it would be a place people to gather until I had that “a ha” moment - that thought that, yeah, this really could be the place to gather and feel comfortable learning, growing, meeting others, and - letting people just be themselves.

I’m really passionate about a few things: People, business ideas/strategy, dreaming, love, and helping others find their why. Why do we get up to do what we do every day? What allows us to dream and continue to reach for the sky? What is our purpose in life and how to we find it and hold on and grow it? How do we do everything with love? I’m so lucky that in my daily life I get to meet people like you and work with you to help create more amazing things in this world together.

I invite you to learn more about our space and membership plans. If you have any questions, contact me and I'll reach out to you personally. I hope to welcome you to the growing citygirlatwork community!

To dreams and to putting love into everything that you do,